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Los Setters y Getters son métodos de acceso a los campos/atributos de una clase.
Setters: Del Inglés Set, que significa establecer, sirven para asignar un valor a un campo/atributo.
Getters: Del Inglés Get, que significa obtener, sirven para recuperar el valor de un campo/atributo.

Hay un viejo debate, iniciado en el 2003 por Allen Holub en su famoso artículo Why getter and setter methods are evil, que discute sí los getters/setters son un antipatrón y deben evitarse, o si son algo que es inevitablemente necesario en la programación orientada a objetos…

Eclipse Equinox is an implementation of the OSGi core specification that allows Eclipse applications to dynamically install, activate, de-activate, update and/or uninstall components and services (plugins) that extend/enhance the application’s capabilities. A plugin is a modular, self-contained unit that provides an API that can be used within an Eclipse application or by other plugins. A plugin can provide enhancements to the Eclipse application UI (e.g. additional menus, buttons, dialogs, etc), can provide Java classes that allow the user to perform tasks (e.g. commit to VCS repositories, run Unit tests, deploy web applications to a server, etc.) or both. Additionally, plugins…

Update March 2021: If you are using a target platform for your builds, you now use maven repositories as “content” providers in your target definition as explained here.

Dependency management has become the bread-and-butter of software development. As we push the boundaries of “reinventing the wheel”, we often found ourselves relying on a hefty amount of 3rd party libraries and with them, their dependencies. Having to find, download and manage these dependencies is such a difficult and time-consuming task that for most (if not all) general purpose languages there exist some version of a dependency management system.

I will not dwell on the reasons that compel you to start such an endeavour, I will simply provide you with some guidance that hopefully will help you come out of it alive. If its merely curiosity what brought you here, then you might want to read about Tinkerpop providers first.

In this post I will only discuss my findings on the implementation of the structure API: Graph, Element, Vertex, Edge, Property and Transaction (if transactions are supported by the underlying persistence technology).

Implement the Structure API

Implementation of the Structure API is mostly straight forward. These are the major considerations:

  • Methods that return…

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